The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

What to about The Church of the Holy Sepulchre Jerussalem

The Church of Holy Sepulchre Jerussalem is one of the well known churches in the world since it has a long history. It is also known as church of resurrection especially to the Eastern Orthodox Christians. To add on that also, it is a church located in the popular old city of Jerusalem which is considered to be the holiest kind Christian site in the whole world. Apart from that also, it stands on the site which is believed to be encompassing both Calvary or Golgotha, where Christ Jesus was crucified and the sepulcher (tomb). This church of Holy sepulchre is also known to be a very important type pilgrimage destination since 4th century.


The early Christian communities of Jerusalem appeared to have held some liturgical celebrations specifically at the Christ’s tomb from resurrection time until the whole city was taken by Romans in 66 AD. Later on, in 135 AD, the Emperor Hadrian decided to fill in the quarry in order to provide a good level foundation for the temple to Aphrodite.

That site actually remained buried beneath the then pagan temple until Constantine the great Emperor converted it to Christianity back in 312 AD. After some time, he showed a good interest in holy places which were associated with his own new faith. Apart from that also, he commissioned some churches to be established throughout the whole of Holy land. The Church or Holy Sepulchre was one of these important churches.

The Constantine’s Builders excavated the hillside in order to leave a rock-hewn tomb of the Christ to be isolated and also with enough room purposely to built a church around it. In addition to that also, they decided to clear away the Hadrian’s temple and the materials used with which the old quarry was filled in order to provide the foundation of the temple.

Ein Hemed is a national park

The Great Ein Hemed National Park

Ein Hemed national park in Jerusalem is a beautiful prime spot to experience the apex of fine nature. The name Aqua Bella is derived from a lain name meaning Aqua Bella meaning beautiful water. It is located approximately seven kilometers to the west side of Jerusalem along the famous Roman road called Emmaus. This road was used to connect Jerusalem hills with coastal plain. Ein Hemed national park is known for its outstanding features that have made it one of the most exiting sites to enjoy nature.

Features of Ein Hemed National Park

· A water spring system running through the national park makes the beautifully landscaped park an eye magnet. Tall trees around the stream perfect for acrobat events.

· Presence of a large playground where children can play in, run around or even kick a ball makes the land mark more viable.

· Shady spots where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

· A crusader building creates an exciting historic place to explore.

· Majestic rocks with water cascading down right in the middle of the park is a sight to behold

· Children are offered exiting festivals like Circus festival, Shavuot festival and Fairytale festival. Various activities alongside shows are set for kids to enjoy.

· You can purchase a National Parks membership card and enjoy free tours any time you wish. Parking is free and you can also visit surrounding national parks.

· It has widely being appreciated for being the ultimate centre of barbeque and ceremonies.

· This national park has always created the ultimate wedding venue with a blend of nature and history.

You can call to book a tour in either Hebrew or English. Enjoying nature could not be more exiting. Come and experience the most memorable experience of your life at Ein Hemed national park and you will not be disappointed.